Whitewater Rafting in Costa Rica: Where Nature and Adrenaline Become One

Costa Rica is a country blessed with a diverse amount of nature which we steward very carefully, have been able to take advantage of correctly, creating unforgettable memories for travelers who come to experience some of these exciting adventure activities in such a truly beautiful unique country on this planet. Costa Rica is not only a magnet that attracts nature lovers who come looking for our incredible biodiversity, but it is also a great attraction for those who want to experience high-impact activities where adrenaline is the main dish. Of these types of activities, we have a wide variety. From rappelling next to stunning waterfalls to diving into the incredible waters of Caño Island to observe the marine life found right off the coast in the area. In this blog, we are going to talk about the activity that is possibly one of the most exciting experiences in the country: whitewater rafting.

Whitewater Rafting Rivers in Costa Rica

Rivers in Costa Rica serve a wide number of functions; some are used by communities as a means of transportation while others are used for activities such as kayaking, electricity generation, fishing, or relaxation.

Different Rapid types of difficulty

Before going into the description of the rivers, we will tell you about the difficulty scales for rafting. The rafting difficulty of a river is determined by a class or category that is given to each section of the river, according to the International Scale of the Degree of Difficulty of Rivers.

Our Top 4 Costa Rican Whitewater Rafting Rivers

  • Pacuare River: White Water Rafting Class III – IV

  • Sarapiqui River Rafting: Class II-III

  • Savegre River: Class II-III-IV White Water Rafting

  • Rafting at Tenorio River: Class V

Ensuring a Safe and Fun Rafting Experience

A good experience for everyone every rafting adventure is different. Just like at an amusement park, if you are traveling with your children or minors and wish to experience any of the tours, always ask what´s the minimum age requirement for your children or companions so you can choose the right rafting adventure more suitable for everyone. The minimum ages range from 8 years old to 12 years old depending on the river where you take the tour.

If you want to feel the thrill of rafting down the river, but without the 100% adrenaline factor, we recommend tubing. Here you will be able to travel the rivers at a slow and relaxed pace while riding a personal raft in the shape of a doughnut, you will be able to observe the beauty of the landscape and the charms of nature without all the paddling. Rafting is an activity full of emotions and adrenaline.

So, if you decide to experience this adventure, be sure to look for tours that meet the required standards so you can enjoy an exciting and safe adventure. And, if you wish, Horizontes can connect you with the best rafting tours in the country. Make sure that you will live a unique experience where you can feel safe while not losing that adrenaline rush.

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