This adventure takes place in CATIE's tropical plantations. The topography of the roads and trails does not present difficulty for the route and both beginners and children over 8 years old can enjoy it. During the tour, our guide will explain to you about the great diversity of forest and fruit plantations such as: coffee, cocoa, cane, citrus fruits, bananas, bananas, macadamia, pineapple, mangosteen, mango, avocados and many other exotic species of the countries of the tropics. It should be noted that the fruits of these plantations can be appreciated depending on the time of year. Thanks to the diversity of flowers and fruits, the plantations also become an ideal place for observing birds, mammals, and some reptiles. To finish, we visit the Tropical Botanical Garden, which has in its collection the most important tropical plants in the world. Here, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the colors, smells, textures and shapes of the plants and their products. Minimum age: Children over 8 years old. • Departure: AM / PM. • Duration: 2 to 3 hours. • Includes: Transportation, equipment, tickets, and guide. • Recommendations: Shorts (not denim), walking shoes, T-shirt, cap or visor, sunglasses, water bottle, repellent and sunscreen. They can bring extra cloth and clothes to change after the tour.

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