The Jaguar Rescue Center is a temporary or permanent home for ill, injured and orphaned animals. With a focus on monkeys, sloths, other mammals, birds and reptiles, the JRC provides veterinary services, round-the-clock care and comfort to animals that would otherwise be unable to survive in the rainforest or the waters of the Caribbean. The JRC receives over 300 sloths each year. From adults who may have been electrocuted on a badly insulated power line, hit by a car or attacked by dogs to new born babies who have been orphaned, their mother having been killed due to the same reasons above. From baby to release, a sloth might stay at the center for up to 2 years and they structure a growing infant sloth’s time at the center as 'kindergarten', 'middle school', 'high school' and finally 'sloth university' which helps them develop together and learn the skills essential for survival in the wild.

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