After a 35-minute journey you will arrive at a beautiful reforestation area surrounded by the mountains of the Children's Eternal Rainforest. On this site we will go on a small path where you will see the typical forest of this region, as well as some typical animals in this forest like the anteater, coati, the morpho butterfly, different bird species, among others. After a short walk, we will proceed to plant a tree and help in their reforestation project and stop on route at the small St. George School for a delicious snack of fresh fruit to load up your energies. At the village of La Tigra, you will visit a farm owned by a local family, where you will learn about the daily life of a typical Costa Rican family in the rural areas, their customs, traditions and daily activities to keep the farm running. In their property they grow pepper, vanilla, cassava, coffee, bananas, corn, and other crops. They also have a small patch of forest in regeneration, where we can see interesting species of trees and plants. Enjoy a delicious lunch with the authentic taste of Costa Rica with products grown on the farm, and then continue our way back to your hotel. ● Departure time: AM. ● Duration: 07:00 hours approx. ● Includes: Transportation, equipment, fresh fruits, water, lunch, entrance fee

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