Staying at home… during Quarantine

After the alert on March 13th about the first imported case of Covid-19, I have been working from home for over 100 days. Working at an incoming tour operator, our company considered that it will be more convenient to close the office to avoid colleagues being exposed to the virus and pass it on to our families. Reason why, I am fondly grateful with Horizontes, they have always been vigilant to protect our health and give us security and much more during current times.

I have to be honest that during the first weeks, I was very concerned about what would happen with my job and was in panic after watching on the news what was happening with the pandemic in Italy, Spain, New York and later in Ecuador. But the prompt action of our President together with the Minister of Health gave me confidence, that if I want to avoid the virus, I must apply immediately social distancing, stay at home and practice the hygiene protocols rigorously.

Thanks to God, I live with my only son Federico who is a 30-years-old, a young and kind man. Since the quarantine started, we have never been that close. I have worked in the tourism business all my life, investing too much time travelling promoting Costa Rica in foreign countries, inspection trips around the country, and long days of work leaving early in the morning and arriving home late in the evening. Thus, my quality-family-time was reduced to be shared only during weekends.

But during this “hibernation” period, many positive things happened … we are enjoying cooking innovating dishes, baking sweet bread with the recipe of my great-grandmother and other delicious dishes. Our organic garden was reactivated, so now I can prepare fresh and creative salads “farm to table”. Night table games like Scrabble and Domino, but the most uplifting experience has been sharing long chats with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine! I think that during solitude, it is an opportunity to revitalize your mind and body at the same time.

So, I began with afternoon walks around the neighborhood and re-connecting with people keeping social distancing. Time for praying and meditation, finish reading books which were on hold, knitting crochet while watching the news, relaxing “siestas” during rainy afternoons and another great companion has been Netflix. I also had time to sign up on online courses for my personal and professional enrichment.

Working from home has been very different as I miss a lot sharing moments and laughing with my coworkers, sitting together during lunchtime and car rides! But, thanks to technology we can keep in touch by Teams or Zoom. I am faithful that soon we will be all together and hugging! How come I am so grateful to God and for the gift of life? Well, I guess staying at home during the Covid-19 and not laying at a hospital bed is the main reason.

Sylvia Jurado Travel Designer.

Juan Carlos Ramírez
Marketing Assistant
Hello, I’m Juan Carlos Ramírez. I’ve got a background in Advertising and currently work in tourism, which is a perfect fit for my love of blending creativity with strategy. Beyond the office, I’m passionate about architecture, history, and video games. Exploring the beauty of buildings, uncovering the past, and going on virtual adventures are some of my favorite things. Let’s connect and share some awesome experiences!

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