Sí Como No Resort: a brilliantly vivid retreat

In the distance, from the window of my hotel room of Sí Como No Resort & Wildlife Refuge, I can see the blue line that separates the sea from the sky. I can not see what might exist beyond, but sitting at one of the terraces of the hotel, with a cup of hot coffee, I can imagine.

Thus, begins the experience in this resort, which is located on the top of a hill, near the Manuel Antonio National Park in Puntarenas. This park offers a very humid tropical forest where species of flora and fauna in danger of extinction coexist, a mangrove, marine environments, islands, and a lagoon of 14 hectares.

Its lush jungle terraces and vivid gardens face the Pacific Ocean. The restaurants offer a casual atmosphere or can also be perfect for a romantic dinner. The pools, the spa, and the natural refuge with a butterfly garden are part of the benefits that allow a rest of body and mind. In addition, the hotel has a private cinema in which a different movie It is on every night.

And as in the cinema – as in life itself – this place is full of magic. At night, from the legendary balcony of the hotel overlooking the sea, accompanied only by the sound of crickets and the Pacific breeze, the moon illuminates the water, creating shapes of white light, that sometimes and only if you want it, it might seem whales saying hi!

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Juan Carlos Ramírez
Marketing Assistant
Hello, I’m Juan Carlos Ramírez. I’ve got a background in Advertising and currently work in tourism, which is a perfect fit for my love of blending creativity with strategy. Beyond the office, I’m passionate about architecture, history, and video games. Exploring the beauty of buildings, uncovering the past, and going on virtual adventures are some of my favorite things. Let’s connect and share some awesome experiences!

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