News from our air-border opening status

Costa Rica air border opens for tourists from Mexico,California and Ohio Citizens and residents of Mexico will be able to visit the country entering by air as of October 1, as long as they comply with the widely disclosed and known immigration requirements. Jamaican tourists will also be allowed in and the authorization for California residents is reconfirmed. In addition, Ohio is added to the list of states in the United States of America allowed to visit the national territory starting next month. Mexico is a nearby market, with excellent connectivity, which generates more than 97 thousand visitors a year, making it the third largest market for tourists to Costa Rica. As for Jamaica, in 2019 1,180 tourists from this country visited us. As of today, 21 US states are gradually enabled, which currently have an epidemiological condition similar or lower levels of contagion to those of Costa Rica: From September 1: Connecticut, District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Vermont and Virginia. From September 15: Arizona, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Washington and Wyoming. Starting October 1: California and Ohio. Entry requirements: 1. Complete the epidemiological digital form called HEALTH PASS. 2. Perform the PCR test and obtain a negative result; The test must be taken no later than 48 hours before the flight to Costa Rica. 3. A mandatory travel insurance that covers accommodation in case of quarantine and medical expenses due to COVID. The insurance can be international or purchased from Costa Rican insurers. 4. Additionally, US passengers must demonstrate through their driver license that they live in one of the states that are being authorized. We are prepared to offer you our top quality service, complying with all health and safety requirements, looking for the correct suppliers and ideal destinations. The Horizontes Team

Juan Carlos Ramírez
Marketing Assistant
Hello, I’m Juan Carlos Ramírez. I’ve got a background in Advertising and currently work in tourism, which is a perfect fit for my love of blending creativity with strategy. Beyond the office, I’m passionate about architecture, history, and video games. Exploring the beauty of buildings, uncovering the past, and going on virtual adventures are some of my favorite things. Let’s connect and share some awesome experiences!

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