Jenny Villalobos

In my last 10 years working as a nature guide, I have been given responsibility to lead academic groups.   The key purpose of our initiatives in Costa Rica is to inspire future generations to improve the well-being of humans and ecosystems, from science-based backgrounds to environmentally sustainable practices.  When traveling with students, there is a common interest in every departure: we are all nature lovers, and we all care for their conservation. Costa Rica as a leader in conservation areas and community-based environmental protection, provides a plethora of projects in different fields. Monteverde is a great example of sustainability, we find a local community immersed in the clouds, determined to protect the last tract of forest, providing water and a healthy ecosystem for thousands of tropical species. INSERTAR FOTO 1 VISTA MONTEVERDE Another highlight is the unique learning experience from a small family-owned coffee farm, sharing the insights of their shade grown farm, whose plantation is also a hot spot for birdwatching; to a big coffee corporation, sharing their good practices that involve social and environmental responsibilities, as well as, implementing technical innovations to manage their organic waste. INSERTAR FOTO 2 FLOR DEL CAFE We encourage academic groups to recognize the value of building partnerships with innovative initiatives designed in Costa Rica. Jenny Villalobos Sequeira Tropical biologist

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