Tortuga Lodge

General information


Tortuga Lodge sits amid a 50-acre reserve on Costa Ricas northeast Caribbean coast, bordering Tortuguero National Park. The small lodge is designed to reflect the authenticity of the area, both in architecture and in style, and has beautiful details, such as a river rock pool area and lovely garden. The Lodge restaurant starts at the river dock and reluctantly moves inland. Delectable meals are created by chef, Valentin, who specializes in local and international dishes.

Designed to blend into the river environment, the pool features an environmentally-friendly purification system that uses an undetectable amount of salt instead of commercial chlorine. The water does not irritate the eyes. The all-pervasive presence of the water blurs distinctions. As your boat moves slowly through the forest, you are immersed in a world where the forest merges with the rivers and the water becomes part of the tree. Land and water, indoors and outdoors lose part of their meaning.

The original ten rooms built at Tortuga Lodge were dark and enclosed. Now whatever was useful from those rooms has been recycled into the community, and all rooms at Tortuga Lodge have almost as much window area as walls.


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