Pachira Lodge

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Situated right into what is considered one of the most exotic regions of the world, Pachira Lodge, is surrounded by a network of intensely scenic canals and just minutes away from Tortuguero National Park, characterized by its extraordinary rich flora and fauna.

Getting there by boat is a journey in itself, an amazing trip with views of marvelous wildlife. A faster and enjoyable alternative is flying. The hotel is right across the main “canal” and the tiny village of Tortuguero. Its bungalow style rooms are colorful and comfortably set, with windows that enable guests to see, hear and feel the surrounding nature.

Meals are included in the different packages offered and are served in the restaurant which resembles a large family dining room where guests enjoy flavorful meals while sharing experiences. This oasis amidst wilderness can be fully enjoyed day and night through fun, enriching tours of the canals in the national park, the colorful village, turtle nestling, relaxing by the pool or with a revitalizing massage at the spa.


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