South Pacific

Lapa Rios

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More than a beautiful rainforest hotel next to the beach, Lapa Rios is a model Ecotourism project that strives to show that “a forest left standing is worth more than one cut down”. A Conde Nast Traveler award winning, the spacious bungalows nestled within the rainforest delight guests with wooden floors, mosquito nets, bamboo beds, private deck and garden, outdoor garden shower, solar-heated water and pool. Activities are focused around the rainforest and the nearby ocean.

Hikes, bird watching, ocean kayaking, horseback riding, catch and release sport fishing and surfing. Participate in yoga classes or, just take a nap in a hammock and maybe observe the birds, monkeys and other animals that come by. A highlight is a tour to Corcovado National Park by plane or a night camping in the jungle. Lapa Rios is an ideal vacation experience for people that like nature and are open to learning about conservation, culture and biodiversity.


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