Central Valley

Chayote Lodge

General information


Up in the cloud forest of Llano Bonito de Naranjo and 1500 meters above sea level, lays Chayote Lodge in the outskirts of the mountainous Central Valley of the country, welcoming visitors with breathtaking views. Surrounded by coffee fields, green pastures, and a rich agricultural environment, the area depicts the best of a simple yet enriching Costa Rican tradition.

12 spacious bungalows feature a private terrace and resemble the traditional Coffee Receiving Stations known locally as “Recibidores”, tastefully decorated and furnished to create a very pleasant and relaxing environment. The main building of the lodge offers an intimate fireplace, fusion cuisine restaurant that mixes local flavors for appetizing dishes, a terrace cafe and bar where guests enjoy tasteful drinks while interacting with the locals.

Its fantastic location is a perfect gateway to discover the different surrounding national parks, waterfalls, coffee fields, rural villages and local artisans or take fun, energetic hiking or zip lining tours that will complete a memorable holiday.


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