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Since 1984, at Horizontes Nature Tours we have been delivering the most exciting and authentic experiences in Costa Rica. We hand-pick each of our suppliers for a perfect journey. And our specialized tour guides make all the difference.

From naturalist to biologists, our team of experienced tour guides has the passion and knowledge to make your journey in Costa Rica unforgettable. It is incredible how they have the eye to spot the most amazing wildlife while explaining the culture and history of our destination. It all begins with their ability to listen and spot from tiny little frogs to colorful toucans, taking you on a never-ending eye-opening adventure.

Our tour guides can cater to travelers in many different languages

Our pool of guides can lead tours in English, French, German, Japanese and many other languages. Regardless of the type of trip, be it either a family trip, honeymoon, adventure enthusiasts or a group of students, we have the right guide expert for each field.

We are certain our tour guides are the soul of our adventures. Therefore we work with the best, and all together we are a family that makes dreams come true in Costa Rica

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We know that everyone has their own unique goal when it comes to exploring the tropics, this is why we have a great range of professional tour guides, specializing in many different fields, bird watching experts, passionate naturalists, history fanatics, and adventure enthusiasts. Expert tour guides that can take you on a bird-watching quest, to explore active volcanoes, to an immersive rainforest jungle adventure, hiking through rural communities, biking, yoga or just spotting the best place to relax.

Another important part of the team are our tour guide drivers for individual travelers or small families. They can fill the role of an experienced driver who can take you to any unique destination while also explaining and sharing his or her knowledge along the way and during the tour.

Each and every of our tour guides has and incredible flexibility to adapt to any need. They also have all the necessary professional credentials along with the certified local accreditations and all their vaccine cards up to date.

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