The Combo tour is an intense fun filled set of excursions where you will embark on three distinct adventures.
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Combo Tour (Doka-Poas-Cataratas)


As we ascend the terrain and near the Poas Volcano we will notice a change in temperature and vegetation; we will see coffee plantations as well as fern, flower and strawberry farms along the way, creating a beautiful array of colors and textures.

On the way to the volcano we will visit the Doka Coffee Estate for a delicious breakfast. Then we will be treated to a coffee tour in an actual coffee plantation where we will learn the ancient techniques used by the experts to produce some of the best coffee in Costa Rica and around the world. The careful process involved in the cultivation, harvesting and roasting of the Golden Bean will then be illustrated, very hands-on, and then we will savor the delectable end product.

After the coffee tour we will continue to the Poás Volcano where we will not only admire the impressive main crater with its sulfur fumaroles, but also learn about the different ecosystems in this unique and protected national park.

Following the visit to the volcano we will continue to the La Paz Water Fall Garden for a scrumptious lunch and tour. As we arrive to La Paz, we will walk through a trail, leading to a spectacular waterfall in the middle of the rainforest. Inside the park we will also visit the hummingbird gallery, the serpentarium, the bird house, the butterfly garden and the frog’s exhibit; to be enjoyed by those of all ages.
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“We had a very good time because we made friends with some of the guests and had several enjoyable meals with them. The food was also very good and we really enjoyed the canal trip.”
- Renee Shanker -
March 17, 2015