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Costa Rica’s territory may be small, but our maritime zone is a vast, magnificent, fragile underwater paradise. These fascinating programs are an open door to enjoy, learn, raise awareness, get involved, and be part of our commitment to nature.

Our commitment to nature is a perennial challenge. Therefore, we strive to work with the best local organizations and specialists in the field and promote Citizen Science. Citizen Science allows people to contribute to the scientific community of Costa Rica, where data collected by volunteers is as valuable as that collected by scientists.

Preservation of Coral Reefs

The expedition is led by the Raising Coral Foundation, which focuses on restoring coral reefs in Costa Rica using coral propagation techniques. Their mission is to bring people into a symbiotic partnership with ocean life.

Be part of the first major project to restore the Pacific reefs of Central America and support a high biodiversity of marine life. The program spans four days, each with specific activities.

Shark Mission Expedition: Led by Misión Tiburon, this organization is committed to marine life and shark conservation. They offer a 4-day expedition involving diving and getting involved in counting and tagging sharks and rays.

Counting Sharks and Rays at Papagayo Gulf, Guanacaste: This expedition spans four days and includes diving to count and/or tag sharks and rays in various locations.

Counting Sharks and Rays at the Golfo Dulce, Puntarenas: Similar to the previous expedition, this one also involves four days of diving and getting involved in counting and tagging sharks and rays.

On the Other Side of the Wave Expedition – Caño Island: This expedition focuses on monitoring reef fish and corals at Caño Island, a location rich in biodiversity and coral reefs. It is led by the Keto Foundation, which specializes in marine conservation.

Keto Foundation’s 5-Day Program: The Keto Foundation offers a 5-day program that covers various marine areas, including reefs, open sea, and mangroves. It includes conferences on Coral Monitoring, Reef Fish, Pelagic Species, and Climate Change, as well as daily diving and data collection.

These sections provide a breakdown of the different marine conservation programs and expeditions available in Costa Rica.

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