Costa Rica: a pioneer in welcoming family travelers

There are many memories throughout our lifetime that are impossible to forget. In my case, I will always recall my first time riding a bike, going to preschool and making new friends, graduating after spending years in a classroom, and definitely visiting another country other than mine in my first plane ride. Witnessing different cultures firsthand, eating new cuisine, learning a new language is welcome to encounters that will leave a strong foothold in your life.

My heart fills with joy every time I have the chance to lead a family program, knowing that I am embarking on a project that could build a new perspective for adults, but particularly for the younger ones in the group. The adventures begin on the very first day when a howler monkey wakes you up early in the morning. Your senses keep telling you there is something different going on with the scent of freshly brewed coffee and a Gallo pinto (local bean and rice recipe) with corn tortillas. Let’s not forget the excitement during our hike seeing a sloth resting on the canopy of a Cecropia tree and bringing all this wilderness immersion to an end with a vivid Pacific sunset.

Costa Rica was a pioneer in welcoming family travelers to the area of Latin America. We continue this legacy with the unparalleled beauty of protected rainforests, mountains, or placid beach areas. We are openhearted to all age groups, along with a well-prepared outdoor staff, in addition to great accommodation facilities. There is a magical world out there, full of excitement, you and your loved ones will rejoice together with us.

Written by Gustavo Abarca
Naturalist Guide
Horizontes Nature Tours

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