Caring for Our National Parks: Responsible Practices for Sustainable Tourism

It’s crucial to consider the environmental impact of our actions and take steps to reduce resource consumption. Committed companies like Horizontes, where we strive to minimize unwanted impact in our operations and promote continuous improvement in environmental performance.

The responsibility is of all of us

When we visit beautiful places like national parks, it’s important to remember that the waste we generate must be handled responsibly. While we can’t avoid generating some kind of waste, we can take measures to ensure it doesn’t harm the environment.

We prefer to use environmentally friendly items whenever possible. We like to use products that can naturally decompose (biodegradable), things that can be reused (reusable), and items that can be used to create new things (recycled). We also make sure that the waste we generate is properly separated and disposed of in the correct manner. This way, we ensure that the places we visit remain clean and free from organic waste.

How to handle our wastes

Organic Waste includes food scraps, fruit and vegetable peels, garden waste, and other biodegradable materials that are commonly mishandled. To dispose of them, you can use a special container or a biodegradable bag for these wastes. These materials naturally decompose and can become compost, which is an excellent fertilizer for plants.

Another situation that endangers our natural areas is feeding the animals that live in them. Have you ever seen animals like monkeys or birds when visiting a national park? These animals are one of the amazing things about these places! But did you know that feeding them is not a good idea? Even though it might seem kind to share our snacks, it can actually cause problems for the animals.

Feeding animals can make them sick or alter their behavior. Imagine if you ate too much junk food. Wouldn’t that be bad for you? It’s the same for animals. So, when you visit a national park, remember not to feed the animals. It’s also a good idea to inform other visitors about this. This way, we can all help these animals stay healthy and wild, just as they should be.

Let’s be part of the change

Responsibility isn’t limited to our individual actions; we can also influence others. Together, we can make a real difference by raising awareness and promoting responsible practices that benefit not only national parks but also have a positive impact on nature as a whole. Every small gesture counts and our actions have the power to bring about significant change. Therefore, go ahead and explore and enjoy the beauty of nature responsibly and sustainably!

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