Caminos de Osa / The Osa Trails

Caminos de Osa (The Osa Trails) consists of three main routes that cross the most biodiverse area in the South Pacific of Costa Rica, right where the Corcovado National Park is located. Besides hiking through the rainforest, travelers can go horseback riding, kayaking, or just relaxing and disconnecting from it all. The best part of the journey is staying every night with welcoming local families from the Osa Peninsula, sharing and learning about their heritage, stories, and their amazing way of life.

Immersive rural experiences with unforgettable local families The Osa Peninsula is one of the greatest natural treasures of the world, containing 2.5% Of the planet’s biodiversity. Caminos de Osa promotes the ecological conservation and sustainable development of Osa’s rural communities through a tourism model that improves the quality of life, without compromising the integrity of the surrounding marine and terrestrial ecosystems. Caminos de Osa offers four distinct trails along the Golfo Dulce forest reserve. Through them, we aim to reduce pressure on the Corcovado National Park while increasing visits to the rural tourism businesses in the communities along the trails. In addition to trekking between each community, we partner with locally-owned tourism businesses that offer everything from rich cultural experiences, a taste of local gastronomy, boat excursions, horseback riding, kayaking, snorkeling, and much more. Camino del Agua According to legend, the famous pirate ¡Sir Francis Drake hid one of his legendary treasures in Drake Bay in the 16th century. However, we know that the true gold of our land is everything that is alive in it. Discover all the hidden treasures in this bay through the most used transportation channels of the region: the sea and all the rivers that lead to it. For day 1 you can visit the Mangrove on a boat tour along Sierpe and overnight, you will stay with a local family and visit a waterfall. On day 2, you will go HorseBack riding to El Progreso Community swim in four beautiful water holes. Overnight stay at Tamadua Biological Reserve. Scuba Diving /Snorkeling at Isla del Caño Biological Reserve is the perfect way the enjoy day 3 and Walk from San Josecito beach to Rincon beach. Overnight you will stay with a local family and watch the sunset with an amazing view. Day 4 is for departure. Camino de la Selva We have learned that the best way to tell our story is not through a book. Rather, we tell it through the leaves of our flora. More than a compass, a map, or a GPS; it is the rustle of the wind, the crashing roar of the waves, the advice of the ceiba tree, the footprints in the mud, and the legacy of our ancestors… they show us which paths to follow and to share. Join us on our journey and discover the natural treasures hidden deep inside some of the least known areas of the Osa Peninsula On day 1, you will go Horseback riding to El Salto water hole and a night tour to see amphibians, reptiles, and insects. Overnight Stay at Dos Brazos de Rio Tigre Community. On day 2 there is a tour of a Butterfly Garden in La Tarde Community. Walk some trails full of different flora and fauna perfect for birdwatch in the sunset. Overnight you will stay with a local family.An amazing hike to Los Patos Operational Center at Corcovado National Park is part of the itinerary of one day with a visit to Los Patos Waterfall. Walk river down through the park to the Alto Laguna indigenous Community and stay overnight at Golfo Dulce. Day 4 is for departure. Camino del Oro From pre-Columbian times to the present, gold extraction has had a great impact on the development of the Osa region. We invite you to participate in a trail that runs along the entire Osa Peninsula, from North to South, to discover the reality behind the gold mining culture of the region, and how it has changed throughout history. On day 1, you will visit Finca 6, a Pre-Columbian Museum. Also, immerse on a mangrove boat tour along Sierpe. Overnight you will stay with a local family and visit a waterfall.On day 2, walk through a road surrounding by forest. Learn about the artesian gold tour extraction and indigenous cultural tour. Overnight you will stay at Playa Blanca at GolfoA kayak tour through the mangroves and the beautiful calm waters of the Golfo Dulce will be part of day 3 with horseback riding to Dos Brazos Community. Overnight you will stay at the gold miners townOn day 4, you will enjoy a spectacular and intense one-day hike through Corcovado National park until arriving at Carate. Overnight you will stay at Carate CommunityMorning Yoga Lessons with a paradisiac view and tasty breakfast will finish your adventure. By Guillermo Aguilar 

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