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An afternoon in the cloud forest of Savegre

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The only thing I could hear inside the mountain of San Gerardo de Dota was the river, the birds, and our steps on the wet leaves; we are submerged in a cloud forest and here the rain falls whenever it is necessary.


Costa Rica is striving to become the first country to ban single-use plastics by 2021.

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Many of the sea creatures we love – birds, fish, turtles, dolphins, and whales – die in various ways due to the plastic that’s suffocating our seas. Not only that, we humans are now ingesting thousands of plastic particles every year that are in our water, air, and common foods. The effect on our health is still unknown.


When Wanderlust Calls, you never know where you might end up!

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I never planned any of it. I didn’t sit down with a map, pointing to specific places, and say I want to live here and here and travel there and there.


Why We Need to Protect the World’s Mangrove Forests

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Despite the incredible value that these ecosystems provide, mangrove forests are vanishing at an alarming rate and could be wiped out forever.


How to prepare for a nature vacation in Costa Rica

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Going on vacation is about experiencing new places, scenery and climates. In Costa Rica, that definitely means being out in nature.


Why Use a Tour Operator for Your Costa Rica Vacation?

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You pay the same as if you book directly, but the expert insider travel knowledge, 24-7 support, and outstanding service are priceless with Horizontes Nature Tours.

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