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12 Things to Know About Rainy Season in Costa Rica

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Located within the tropic zone between 8˚ and 11˚ north of the equator, Costa Rica in general has two major seasons – “summer,” or the dry season from December to April, and rainy season from May to November.


Best Costa Rica Tour Packages

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Lush rainforest in all shades of green… Breathtaking tropical beaches… Butterflies, birds, frogs and exotic animals in every color… Volcanoes… Award-winning ecotourism… And thrilling adventure tours.


Costa Rica Best Bird-Watching Spots

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With more than 900 bird species recorded, Costa Rica bird-watching is some of the best on the planet. In fact, the small Central American nation is one of the world’s top five favorite countries for bird-watching.


Costa Rica Travel Guide for a Stress-free Vacation

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Knowing a little about a country before you travel there can mean the difference between having a fun or a frustrating trip. Use our Costa Rica Travel Guide to ensure a stress-free vacation to this spectacular destination.


Costa Rica, the perfect spot to see wildlife migrations

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Costa Rica is the hub spot for birds, whales, dolphins and many more. Our wetlands, warm waters and rich biodiversity are the perfect place for many animals to stop for a bit, relax, eat, sometimes nest and continue their journey.


Costa Rica’s National Parks – History, Facts, Where to Go, What to See

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Close to 26 percent of Costa Rica’s territory is protected under the National Conservation Areas System (SINAC). From cold alpine climates to hot and humid tropical rainforest, from rare dry tropical forest to coral reefs and marine parks, from remote and wild areas to the national parks that can be seen an hour away from downtown San Jose – all encompass the wonders of nature available to see and experience in Costa Rica’s national park system.

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