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Your Guide to Enjoying Costa Rica’s Caribbean Summer

hace 3 años

Caribe Norte y Caribe Sur. All you need to know to enjoy the best of Costa Rica Caribbean summer season. Enfoques: el clima, la gente, la comida, las playas y los tours.


World Environment Day: Costa Rica uses Google Earth Engine Satellites

hace 2 años

Costa Rica, a country well known by its biodiversity, fights every day against deforestation and for a long time, it has played a fundamental role in the conservation of forests. Now, Costa Rica amazes with an ambitious project that uses satellites and aerial images to prevent deforestation.


World Bee Day on May 20 celebrates the importance of bees

hace 5 años

Did you know that there would be no life without bees? Or, at least that it would be radically different?


Women with Future boosts new entrepreneurs in Costa Rica

hace 3 años

As of 2019, women make up more than 40% of new entrepreneurs worldwide, according to Thrive Global.


With Full Hands

hace 2 años

Ana Corrales, our colleague at Fundacion Horizontes shares the project “A Manos Llenas” (With full hands), with the aim of supporting the families most affected by the very low numbers of travelers due to the Covid 19 pandemic. It all started with the heart-felt call from our tourist guides who needed our help.


Winter Vacations in Costa Rica

hace 3 meses

Rated by travelers as one of the most beautiful countries in the world, you won’t be bored in Costa Rica because there are so many things to do. So, if you are travelling to Costa Rica soon, you can leave all winter clothes in your closet and pack your spring-summer gear.

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