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An afternoon in the cloud forest of Savegre

hace 2 años

The only thing I could hear inside the mountain of San Gerardo de Dota was the river, the birds, and our steps on the wet leaves; we are submerged in a cloud forest and here the rain falls whenever it is necessary.


How to get your best night’s sleep away from home

hace 2 años

Sleeplessness affects a large portion of travelers around the world. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, a trip that costs you your sleep can harm your health.


12 Things to Know About Rainy Season in Costa Rica

hace 4 años

Located within the tropic zone between 8˚ and 11˚ north of the equator, Costa Rica in general has two major seasons – “summer,” or the dry season from December to April, and rainy season from May to November.


15 reasons to put Costa Rica at the top of your travel list

hace 9 meses

After a year or more of being largely housebound, when we finally come out on the other side, our “first trip” out of the country will feel extra special, a celebratory antidote to the sadness and the many, many months spent chilling at home. Written by Time Out. Paid for by Essential Costa Rica


5 ideal places to discover Costa Rica... walking

hace 2 años

Bryan Obregón is our youngest guide and a fervent environmentalist. Here he shares with us some of his favorite places to discover our country, through magical landscapes and water canals. This is how you stay in endless wonder.


A Unique Coffee Experience

hace 10 meses

Rolando Campos, manager at Chayote Lodge, shares his insights of the unique and amazing process of a local coffee farm.

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