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Corcovado National Park: one of the greenest places on Earth

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Referred by National Geographic as ´´the most biologically intense place on earth´. Corcovado National Park is in the Peninsula de Osa, just in the southwest of the country, surrounded by the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Is no secret that trevelers who decide to venture into this park searching for an adventure, end up captivated by the wonders that can only be found within this specific place on earth. That is why in this blog, we´ll explain some of the amazing facts of this park, so that you can daydream about it and, some day, come and experience it for yourself.

Corcovado is different because it offers tourists a true off the beaten path experience, thanks for its almost untouched nature. Of course, this also means that any bird enthusiast and nature lover is going to have a “the” journey, while developing a deep connection with the surroundings.


A never-ending place of activities


Off the beaten path adventures

Being one of our favorite spots here in Horizontes, the national park is a gift that keeps on giving, not only to the ecosystem but to the travelers as well. Whether you are a savvy hiker, a nature photography fanatic or a wildlife enthusiast, be sure that in  Corcovado you will  find the adventure and challenges you are looking for. On this regard, the park offers different trails that range from 0.93 miles all the way up to 12.45 miles so that anyone, no matter the level of experience, can enjoy a challenge suited for them.

As a second fact, deep inside the park, hidden by a true off the beaten path challenge lies La Llorona waterfall. Considered by the ones who have visited it as a true beauty of indescribable nature, if you are up to the challenge, we recommend you going and admire it with your own eyes.  


In contact with nature

Leaving challenges aside, if what you are looking for is more recreational activities, rest assured, the park got you covered. Here you can experience things such as watching the birth of turtles during nesting season, observing dolphins dancing thru the waters, appreciating the diverse flora of the region, coming across the unique dantas or the four different species of monkeys  found around the park.

Some of the most diverse flora and fauna in the world


Now its time to give the spotlight to the abundant flora and fauna that covers the park and gave its reputation as one of the most biodiverse places in the entire planet. 

But ¿Just exactly what type of animals and vegetation can you be expected to find? Aside from the species mentioned before, we´ll walk you on some more animals as well as a deeper look at the Rainforest that you can meet in the park:


Baird’s Tapir

Once found all around Costa Rica, currently you can only find them in a handful of protected areas, including Corcovado. These mammals are the biggest of their kind in Central America and their main source of food is the vegetation they gather with their small trunks.



As one of the smallest feline species that can be found in Costa Rica, these cats live mostly in the trees of Corcovado and other parts of Central and South America. They are also able to descend trees headfirst, making them some of the few species able to archive this.


Three-toed sloth

If you ask someone about Costa Rica wildlife, whether is a local or a foreigner, most likely this little fellow usually comes to mind. As one of the two species of sloth that live in the country, these sloths live up in the treetops and, because of their slow metabolism, they tend not to waist energy by moving.


Corcovado´s Rainforest

Being this type of forests ´´Earth´s oldest living ecosystems´´, it would be a crime no to talk about the one covering the peninsula and, in consequence, the park as a whole.

Some of the characteristics proper to this type of ecosystem are the following:

  • Generally speaking, even though this type of forests are home to more than half of the world’s plant and animal species, currently they cover just 6% of Earth’s surface.



  • Rainforests are home to some of the most unique animals such as orangutans, Bengal tigers, jaguars and poison dart frogs. These last two can be found inside Corcovado national park!


Some of the most characteristic plants in the rainforest is the bromelia. This unique plant with a canteen shape, serves the role of a water recipient. Usually, any small and thirsty animal such as sloths, monkeys or birds use these plants. drinking the water collected in them to quench their thirst.


A place to hit the hay

Considering the huge size of the park, it would be impossible to be able to experience all the hidden gems the park has to offer in just one day. For this reason, you’ll need to find accommodations so you can spend the night and continue your adventure the next morning.

Depending on the area you find yourself, you can choose between going to a hotel near the park, camping in a tent or sleeping in a bunkhouse for the night. Just imagine falling asleep surrounded by the countless noises of the nocturnal wildlife and nature all around you.


Live the experience for yourself

One thing is to read about it and other is to experience it for yourself. That is why, we can’t stop recommending you come visit and have a firsthand experience of what is really like to explore one of the best rainforest national parks in the world.

So now you know, whether you plan to come down and visit the park by plane, boat, or car. We in Horizontes can make sure to make your time worthwhile and leave you with some everlasting experiences.


Juan Carlos Ramírez

Marketing Assistant


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