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Top Beaches in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is blessed for its location, nestled between the Caribbean and Pacific Ocean shorelines. Costa Rica's beaches are so unique and diverse, with colorful and varying personalities, thanks to its extensive shoreline. Beach lovers will discover something intriguing, whether it's a lovely white golden sand paradise surrounded by palm trees and lush tropical forests or a tiny volcanic black sand secluded beach, or colorful communities with great gastronomy and happy people.


Costa Rica: a pioneer in welcoming family travelers

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Gustavo Abarca, Horizontes Naturalist Guide, shares his experiences guiding adventures in Costa Rica beginning on the very first day when a howler monkey wakes you up early in the morning. Let’s not forget the excitement during the hike seeing a sloth resting on the canopy of a Cecropia tree and bringing all this wilderness immersion to an end with a vivid Pacific sunset.


Costa Rica’s National Parks

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Close to 26 percent of Costa Rica’s territory is protected under the National Conservation Areas System (SINAC). From cold alpine climates to hot and humid tropical rainforest, from rare dry tropical forest to coral reefs and marine parks, from remote and wild areas to the national parks that can be seen an hour away from downtown San Jose – all encompass the wonders of nature available to see and experience in Costa Rica’s national park system.


Now Costa Rica is a flight away from Chicago!

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We have good news!!! Starting November 2nd, 2021, American Airlines will fly directly from Chicago to Costa Rica. Source: Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT)


Because we all love sloths

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The Sloth has become a National Symbol of Costa Rica!!! This July, the Costa Rican government has announced that both the two-fingered and three-fingered sloths are now national symbols. Sloths are known to have a peaceful attitude, slow-paced life, and little stress. Learn interesting facts about our beautiful little friends. Written by our Marketing Director, Federico Solano. Horizontes Nature Tours


Sea Turtles in Tortuguero

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A turtle takes 30 years to become an adult and statistics indicate that out of every 1000 turtles one survives to become an adult. It is known that they reach ages of up to 80 years. It is estimated that more than 100,000 turtles come from the Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean per season. Tortuguero a natural paradise! A blog post from our friends from Pachira Lodge

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