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A Cultural Heritage to Share with the World

hace 19 días

Dive deeper into the Boruca indigenous community. And learn more about their mask craftsmanship tradition and how a new project aims to integrate their existence into the rest of the world. 


Start Planning! Match your vacations with Costa Rican public Holidays

hace 2 meses

With 2023 just starting, on this new blog we want to focus on the Costa Rican holidays. Explaining what to expect, so you can plan your next trip with confidence around the things you really enjoy.


English Speaking Costa Rica

hace 3 meses

Despite being a Latin-American country who´s primary language is Spanish, english can be considered Costa Rica´s second nonofficial language. But why is that?


Take a journey down to Puerto Viejo

hace 3 meses

Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is an amazing village on Costa Rica’s eastern Caribbean coast. Whether you’re looking for adventure or just a place to relax on a beach, that will make your friends jealous.


Become a Digital Nomad in Costa Rica

hace 5 meses

As the world continues to grow and we become more globally connected, things we previously thought were impossible, are now at the grasp of our hand. One of such new trends is the birth of the digital nomads. 


Winter Vacations in Costa Rica

hace 5 meses

Rated by travelers as one of the most beautiful countries in the world, you won’t be bored in Costa Rica because there are so many things to do. So, if you are travelling to Costa Rica soon, you can leave all winter clothes in your closet and pack your spring-summer gear.

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