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Costa Rica: the rise of nature…an amazing documentary to get to know our country on an unforgettable journey.

hace 21 días

This amazing series is story of hope and optimism, produced by the Costa Rican director Luis Miranda, at a time when the whole of humanity, in the midst of sudden climate change, is facing choices that will affect its future.


Happy New Year 2021

hace un mes

Before 2020 ends and a new year begins, looking back at the positive things we have. A message from our marketing manager


Authentic Chocolate Experience

hace 2 meses

Through our operations, we have seized many opportunities to give back to our industry, first by sharing our model with up-and-coming chocolatiers


News from our air-border opening status

hace 4 meses

Costa Rica air border opens for tourists from Mexico,California and Ohio


My trip to the Caribbean Coast in Costa Rica

hace 5 meses

Federico, our Marketing Manager, takes us on a journey to one of his favorite places in Costa Rica...the Caribbean Coast.


Hiking the tiny island of Isla Chiquita

hace 5 meses

The true treasure lies in Isla Chiquita’s unspoiled nature and the unique dance among sea, land, and forest.

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