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Sí Como No Resort: a brilliantly vivid retreat

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Why use a Costa Rica travel agency for your vacation

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Once you work with a travel expert like Horizontes Nature Tours, you’ll never want to plan another vacation completely on your own again!


Best Barefoot Luxury Costa Rica Holidays

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Leave cold winter behind and enjoy a Costa Rica holiday in tropical warmth and barefoot luxury! See three of the best barefoot luxury destinations in Costa Rica for your winter sun holiday. Time to grab your bags and go!


5 ideal places to discover Costa Rica... walking

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Bryan Obregón is our youngest guide and a fervent environmentalist. Here he shares with us some of his favorite places to discover our country, through magical landscapes and water canals. This is how you stay in endless wonder.


Women with Future boosts new entrepreneurs in Costa Rica

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As of 2019, women make up more than 40% of new entrepreneurs worldwide, according to Thrive Global.


Bird species crisis affects all humanity

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Loss of 3 billion birds in North America is a warning to all of us about the planet’s well-being

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