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All the magic of Transitarte 2024: Art, Music, and Culture in San José.

This weekend, San Jose immersed itself in the celebration of Transitarte 2024. This annual event, which takes place in the capital of Costa Rica over a weekend, offers a vibrant mix of concerts, colloquially known as “chivos”, local shops, food trucks, art exhibitions, and many other activities. The sense of community experienced at Transitarte is truly unique: from pets and children to older adults, everyone comes together to enjoy.

San Jose, a city characterized by its bustling streets filled with cars and people commuting to work, undergoes a noticeable transformation when events like Transitarte arrive to add a splash of color to its busy routine. These activities bring music and art to the streets, pulling citizens out of their homes and allowing them to fully enjoy their urban environment. The bright lights, live performances, and multitude of people gathering in our streets create an atmosphere of unity, giving residents the opportunity to admire and appreciate the beauty of our country at its best.

During the event, main streets were closed to connect the parks where activities were taking place, fostering a “pedestrian exclusive” festival. Among our favorite ventures were Pocho Vega’s masquerades, inspired by local tales and legends, as well as Calicanto, a collective of artisans with amazing skills.

Additionally, we were impressed by the works of Cuijen, offering contemporary art inspired by Costa Rica’s iconic places like the “Salón de Patines Music” which is the local skate rink. We were also amazed by the Costa Rican-style drawings by Curba, the Moca Handicrafts with their large-headed masks, Sister Earth with their sustainable cosmetics, Frau Lamb with designs out of this world, and the beautiful bags from ByNeomy.

Not to mention the “Antigua Aduana” and everything I saw there, I wouldn’t even know where to start, but the artificial intelligence exhibition left us speechless.

The event featured a wide variety of entertainment, from an exciting poetry slam to high-quality theatrical performances, some of which were comedic and others more serious, but all executed to perfection by talented Costa Rican artists.

Music was present at all times with Saint Cecilia and Sonámbulo Psicotrópical, captivating all of San Jose on Sunday. Additionally, highlights included performances by Calypso and Wizard’s set, as well as the participation of the Children’s Symphony Orchestra, La Milixia, and Mal País, among other talented national artists.

Without a doubt, these are not even half of all the incredible artists who shared a bit of their art with us this weekend. We would have loved to see and hear everything on offer, but we feel that for all the talent that Costa Rica has to offer, a weekend is not enough.

Plan your trip to Costa Rica for next years Transitarte here! 

Camila León
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I am a passionate journalist and dedicated English teacher, and my love for writing has been a lifelong fascination. Born and raised in the breathtaking landscapes of Costa Rica, I find myself naturally drawn to the wonders of nature, nurturing a profound love for animals and a fierce commitment to conservation efforts, which inspire my writing.

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